We believe that sponsorships, are partnerships – meaning that both parties bring something to the table.

Skill and determination only take you so far in the motocross industry, by partnering with people, products, and companies that reflect Rylan’s driven nature, both Rylan and company are aligned for the win! 

With Motocross’s  escalating popularity throughout North America, motorcycle manufacturers and businesses of all types & sizes have begun to recognize  motocross as a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE AVENUE to showcase their products in action.  Every race event, each video release and magazine cover provides an opportunity for everyone involved to promote their products or company. 
The Bly MX Race Team is a dedicated team of two young, amateur racers, and a growing team of dedicated Partners who are looking to capitalize on this sport’s marketing potential. 
For The Bly MX Race Team this sport is all about passion and doing what you love!  It’s about learning, embracing challenges, and creating memories along the way.   It’s  about DETERMINATION, DEDICATION, & TEAMWORK.  It’s about representing a brand and contributing something amazing to this sport.  Rylan is driven to succeed and will project a STRONG IMAGE  both on and off the track for your brand. 
We would like to welcome our new sponsors for 2018 to our team, Bike Binderz, Sosa Original, and Danna Harper, and we would like to thank our returning sponsors, Blackfoot Direct, TNT Racing Development Yannigkervella_mxecoaching and Healing Hands Wellness Center.
With a new season approaching, we invite YOU to join us.  Be a part of our team and our success and enjoy the ride!  



CHECK out our AMAZING SPONSORS below and see if they have a product or service for you!



Blackfoot Direct

 Blackfoot Direct understands that motorsports enthusiasts want the best possible products to help them make the most of their riding experience. We’re proud to be the Canadian specialists for on-road products and apparel items such as Dainese Jackets, REV`IT! Jackets and Schuberth C3 Pro Helmets. We’re also your go-to place for Husqvarna Motorcycles and all the aftermarket parts you would expect to find off-road specialty shop at our Calgary, Alberta retail location. Our primary goal is to identify the best products available worldwide and bring them to you. Take a look at these products to give you an idea of what we have available. Our experience with motocross and endurocross racing for 12 years has enabled us to select only the best for the everyday rider. Our knowledgeable staff are always updating our pages with new information and video reviews. So be sure to bookmark BlackfootDirect.ca and come back often!


M7 Designs CO

Motorex - Oil of Switzerland

DT1 Air Filters

Seat Concepts


Dunlop Tires

WP Suspension

Mika Metals

Husqvarna Motorcycles

Husqvarna has been pioneering since 1903 – with there first motorcycle being a ‘motorized bicycle’.  As the oldest motorcycle manufacturer with uninterrupted production, Husqvarna has learnt a thing or two over the course of 110-years of development. Read about Husqvarna’s Heritage here.

We are proud to promote the TC 250 and the FC 250!

The TC 250 signifies the constant development and secure future of the historic 250cc 2-stroke in the Husqvarna line-up.  Featuring the latest in chassis and engine design, the lightweight TC 250 delivers unrivalled 2-stroke performance with agile handling and comfortable ergonomics.

The 250cc DOHC engine is designed in conjunction with the chassis to operate in perfect harmony.  All internal components are engineered to deliver the maximum possible performance and packaged to position the engine at the ideal centre of gravity within the chromoly steel frame.  The addition of a carbon fibre composite subframe and WP AER48 fork, the FC 250 is one of the most technologically advanced 250 4T motocrossers available on track.



Tuned Racing Development Inc.

Welcome To Tested and Tuned Racing Development Inc. 

Owned and operated by Kenny Mccurdy. We are dealers for: Ride Concepts Racing Suspension Products Race Tech Smart Performance Suspension Direct Factory Connection Amsoil among many others.

TNT Racing Development specializes in motocross bike maintenance and modifications. From pre-race prep to full Elite Level Suspension Revalves. We have the services you are looking for. Works fork and shock pistons used with every revalve regardless of rider ability.


After a successful career in MXGP, Yannig Kervella trained World Champions like Marvin Musquin (World and US Champion), Jordi Tixier (World Champ), Arnaud Tonus and Darryn Durham. He now trains Jo Shimoda (Honda Amsoil) and will help you to improve your skills!




Bike Binderz

Our simple, lightweight and durable device eliminates tie-downs, bulky wheel chocks and not to mention that unwanted pressure on the suspension.  Designed to evolve with 50cc – 450 – Snow-Bikes and we guarantee you’ll never have another headache with tie-downs.



Healing Hands

Healing Hands’ Dr. Brad Harper Welcomes You!

Chiropractic allows me to witness miracles almost daily. This gets me excited!

Whether it is the baby that no longer has colic (so now both mom and baby can sleep) or the child going to school that no longer has ADD or ADHD (and is now getting good grades) or the person of any age that no longer has allergies or breathing problems, to the little old lady/man that no longer needs a cane to walk and the list goes on.

Come experience the best health of your life with us! Phone our Okotoks practice today!

Family Oriented Clinic

We are a family oriented chiropractic clinic that is unique in that we utilize techniques that address all three major causes of body malfunction:

  1. Physical stress
  2. Mental or emotional stress
  3. Chemical or allergy stress

We also offer the option of instrument or manual adjusting.

Come get excited about chiropractic with me!!!!



Danna Harper

Danna Harper is an amazing healer of the mind, body and spirit!

If you don’t like your results on any given topic, shift your story.  Notice your results are exactly what your focus is.  It’s a practice and very doable.  You are either for yourself or against yourself.  Which one are you?  Now choose the direction that is more aligned with Soul and enjoy those results!  Sculpting your mind muscle.  Soooo Fun!!!

Contact Danna today to get the tools, training all in one conversation!




For inquiries about partnership opportunities, please contact us.