Rylan Bly 

Birthdate: May 24, 2000      2019 Canadian MX Class:   Pro Class
Hometown: Okotoks, AB      2018 USA MX Class: A-Class 
Height: 5’10’                              MX Number: 245
Weight: 150 lbs.


How it All Began… 

Rylan’s love for motocross began all on his own, with a kid who loved to go fast on anything with two wheels!  When Rylan was just 2 1/2 years old he got his first pedal bike and insisted on no training wheels.   Apprehensively,  his parents took them off and thought they would have to help him balance, but instead he took off down the block, with his parents running behind! This soon led to building him ramps in their tiny backyard and then onto the BMX track when he was just 3 years of age.  


Rylan age 4 Calgary BMX Track


With a move to Calgary, Alberta and the BMX track located next to the Wildrose MX track, the sounds and revs of the dirtbikes caught Rylan’s attention.  He asked to go and watch and he was mesmerized!
Rylan turned to his parents and said,
“That’s what I’m going to do!”!
He begged and begged for a dirtbike until finally his wish came true.  His first bike was a Yamaha TTR 50, by no means a race bike…  He wanted to race right away and of course when he lined up next to the KTM 50’s he was not too impressed with his slow trail bike!  Eventually he got a KTM and has been fully pinned eversince!!  

Rylan on his KTM 50cc

Racing Arenacross on his 50cc

His parents soon realized that Rylan showed huge potential to pursue a racing career and they started heading to the USA for bigger races, training and more experience. Rylan qualified 2nd at the Loretta Lynns Area qualifier on his 85cc and went on to finish in the top 10 at Regionals in Honey Lake, California!


Loretta Lynns Qualifier 85cc


Then, Rylan had a run of bad luck…bike problems and broken bones plagued him for the next few years and always right before a big National Event… Rylan never gave up, if anything it made him stronger, faster and more determined than ever before! 
The Bly family determined to change their luck, put in everything they had and sent Rylan to California last year, 2017,  to train and race.  Their decision was a good one and with an amazing support team behind him, (Factory MX Trainers, Adrien and Yannig Kervella mxecoaching,  Blackfoot Direct, TNT Racing Development, and Healing Hands Wellness Center), Rylan not only qualified by winning the Area at Glen Helen, and winning the Regional at Hangtown, he put himself on the podium twice at Lorettas with a 2nd and a 3rd, and a holeshot for a 3rd overall!!!

Loretta Lynns Tennessee 2017

Loretta Lynns Tennessee 2017

Rylan’s success continued on after Loretta Lynn’s, this time coming back to Canada.

Rylan had his 1st Pro Race as an intermediate at the Triple Crown season opener in Calgary, AB.  First moto, out of the gate in 2nd right behind Tanner Ward, unfortunately Ward went down and Rylan ran into the back of him. Dead last when he came out of it, Rylan never giving up charged all the way to 15th!  Impressive 1st Pro moto!

Second moto another top 10 start in 8th!

“Rylan Bly held onto 8th spot for the entire moto until the freight train of Cannella and Ward came through with a few laps remaining.  Bly would hold on for a very impressive 10th in the moto 15 seconds ahead of Halstead.” —Direct Motocross—

His year continued with the 1st overall in the MX1 and MX2 classes and a 5th overall in MX3 at Western Canadian Amateur Nationals.  Rylan was also presented with the Silver Sprocket Award,  !

Rylan Bly 2018
Silver Sprocket Award at Western Canadian Amateur Nationals


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What’s Next…

Rylan has been chosen to be one of the riders for Team Alberta, as well as working again  with Blackfoot Direct, Direct Suspension,  Yannig Kervella mxecoaching, Fox Canada,  and Healing Hands Wellness Center.   Rylan is preparing to head South to California to train and race a few Loretta Lynns qualifiers to get him ready for his Pro Debut in Canada.  


WildRose MX Calgary, AB 2017




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